Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hopefully I will one day return to the "pits" topic.  But there is something I feel I must post.

Let me state that I know the dangers of entering a post about politics.  While I still have the freedom to speak according to my Biblical beliefs, I shall.

This post is a feeble attempt to share that which I am sensing in my spirit, concerning President Obama.

Here are a couple of things I feel may happen, regarding Obama...
  • Martin Luther King Jr day will somehow be connected and/or related to Barack Obama.
  • A statue / memorial  will be erected for Obama.  He has a fascination with the Lincoln Memorial, and I can sense him desiring one of himself, that people would come to "marvel" at his "greatness".  People's tributes and homage may be justified, but in actuality it would be an idol, and not justified to the one true God, for He knows man's heart.
Regarding Tuesday's Inauguration...
Charlie Gibson was talking about Dustin Hoffman who was being shown on the screen.  Hoffman was in attendance for the inauguration.  Charlie continued to say what a great guy he was, by recounting a lunch his wife had a couple of days prior.  He said she was out eating lunch with some friends, and Dustin Hoffman was there.  (I don't know if he was eating with her party, or not.)  But Charlie made the remark that his wife said that someone in her party said:
"He (Obama) is as good of man as Mohammad."
The "exalting" of Obama continues to grow!  Many agree, and find nothing wrong with the statement.  This statement is equating him with a god.  I feel this is in turn calling him a god in a round about way.

To finish Charlie's story, he said a waiter accidentally dropped an entire tray of food onto Hoffman, and what a gracious and kind man he is, from his kind reaction to the accident.

President Obama is NOT a messiah.  President Obama is NOT a god.  President Obama is a MAN, who will be accountible to Jesus Christ, the Messiah for all of his actions (including killing of innocent unborn children.)

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