Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hopefully I will one day return to the "pits" topic.  But there is something I feel I must post.

Let me state that I know the dangers of entering a post about politics.  While I still have the freedom to speak according to my Biblical beliefs, I shall.

This post is a feeble attempt to share that which I am sensing in my spirit, concerning President Obama.

Here are a couple of things I feel may happen, regarding Obama...
  • Martin Luther King Jr day will somehow be connected and/or related to Barack Obama.
  • A statue / memorial  will be erected for Obama.  He has a fascination with the Lincoln Memorial, and I can sense him desiring one of himself, that people would come to "marvel" at his "greatness".  People's tributes and homage may be justified, but in actuality it would be an idol, and not justified to the one true God, for He knows man's heart.
Regarding Tuesday's Inauguration...
Charlie Gibson was talking about Dustin Hoffman who was being shown on the screen.  Hoffman was in attendance for the inauguration.  Charlie continued to say what a great guy he was, by recounting a lunch his wife had a couple of days prior.  He said she was out eating lunch with some friends, and Dustin Hoffman was there.  (I don't know if he was eating with her party, or not.)  But Charlie made the remark that his wife said that someone in her party said:
"He (Obama) is as good of man as Mohammad."
The "exalting" of Obama continues to grow!  Many agree, and find nothing wrong with the statement.  This statement is equating him with a god.  I feel this is in turn calling him a god in a round about way.

To finish Charlie's story, he said a waiter accidentally dropped an entire tray of food onto Hoffman, and what a gracious and kind man he is, from his kind reaction to the accident.

President Obama is NOT a messiah.  President Obama is NOT a god.  President Obama is a MAN, who will be accountible to Jesus Christ, the Messiah for all of his actions (including killing of innocent unborn children.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fogetting About the Pits

A couple of years ago I was at my church, doing some stuff.  The main Sanctuary level has heating and cooling exhausts in the floor.  Of course they are covered by floor grates.  For one reason or another, one of the floor grates was removed, exposing a big deep hole in the floor.  It was probably 18" x 18".  I knew they were exposed.  I think I may have even helped exposed them.  I was conscious of them... for a time.

After I had been there a while, the thought of the danger was not so much on the forefront of my mind.  I wasn't on my toes, I didn't have my 'guard' up.  I got to talking or something and walked right into one of these exposed holes.

My one leg was fully down the hole, all the way up to my hip!  (I said it was deep!)  The other leg, ankle and foot got bent around on the floor, and hurt pretty bad.  

After it happened, I was shocked.  I was stunned.  I was hurt.  I was just 'there' for a little bit.  I didn't want help.  I was afraid someone touching me would hurt me more, or cause more pain.

Well, I'm to that point in my life again.  Not literally, but figuratively.  I'm out from the pit (of depression), and it wasn't at the forefront of my mind.  I wasn't on my toes.  How is it I allowed myself to walked right into a pit, again.

This particular pit I feel into may not have been depression (or the same exact pit I was in earlier), but it is connected or tunneled to it.  

Next time I will discuss my Pit of Comparisson.

How can you relate to this story of forgetting about a pit?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Evolution of Dance 2 is Here!

EoD2 is here. It's not quite as good as the original (but is anything?)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Feeling A Little Too Camouflaged

Just when I feel as if I'm having a good day, and feel "normal"... WHAM.   I get hit with something and feel as if I simply can't handle it.  I find the only way I do want to handle things is to get on my PJ's, go to bed, and stay there for a LONG time. Maybe writing this out will help, and keep me from hiding under the covers?!?

Today's instance falls into one of my "problem" categories.  See, I like blending in.  I don't want to stand out.  I don't want to have something for folks to tease, or could use to make fun of me.  I don't want noticed.  I don't want attention drawn to me.  I do not want any negative attention or thoughts about me.  However, I would occasionally like to be recognized and thought of positively.  I don't know.  I can't imagine this being unusual.

My problem, especially as of late is that I feel as if I'm a little too camouflaged at times (for the positive stuff) and not camouflaged at others (for the negative stuff.)

Rationally thinking, I know I'm not that different, or purposely being treated differently.  But man does it hurt when I feel I'm not "included".  And, as of late I feel more often than not that I'm not "included".

To clarify... I know I'm 'different'.  I have a different personality.  I'm quiet and to myself, and it can come across as having an air about myself.  You know, it's easy to not-care or slough off not being thought of highly or included by some.  Just as an example, not that this has ever happened but to better communicate what I'm trying to say...  If a group of friends were going to go to a bar, and invited everyone in the office except me, it wouldn't bother me.  It would actually make me feel proud to not be asked for them knowing who I was and what I stood for.  It's furthering my testimony for God's grace.  

Like I said, there are times I like being camouflaged, or blended in.  Then there are times I wish my 'colors' would stand out, and I'd get noticed.  I want to have camo on for the negative stuff, and wear highly visible clothing for the positive.

Please know I don't live my life for recognition from others.  Recognition from God is of ultimate importance.  But I'd be lying if I didn't say that occasional recognition from 'man'  wouldn't help! 

I'd like to know that my life made a difference, that I did something to impact those around me. 

I often feel as if life is like a bank account.  People or circumstances withdraw from the account frequently.  It would be nice if once in a while they made a deposit. :^)

Friday, January 9, 2009


It has been very hard getting this blog up and running.  When I defined it's purpose in the beginning, it was what I wanted to stick to and make it into. The reason for the struggle is that I felt I was not in a place where I could write, to fit in as I purposed.  

This morning I remembered that I purposed it (in part) to be a place where I can write about "A usually slight noticeable effect or reaction. (Towards or from the author.)"  And so, here we go...

Let me be honest with you.  These last couple of weeks I've been depressed.  This is who I am, and definitely falls into the category of being "an effect or reaction from the author."  And, the reason I wasn't blogging.

Please know that I don't want to turn you 'off' to my blog.  Unfortunately depression is a fact of life, and something I am very much going through right now.

There are days better than others.  One thing I have noticed is that the 'better' days are those with activities and things happening that my brain does not have idle time.  When it's idle, I tend to "think" and slide back down that slippery slope.  Many of you can probably relate or understand what I mean.

This morning I was flipping through channels.  As I was going past our one and only Christian cable channel, I saw Joyce Meyers.  I only heard her say two sentences, but it got me to thinking.  She said:

"Worry is provoked by fearful thoughts. Worry is a fear that we won't get what we want."

**I did some research, and found her program to make sure I quoted her exactly.  I plan to take the time and watch the entire episode.  If you are interested in viewing this episode of "Enjoying Everyday Life" on worry and anxiety, you can click here.

Well, there it is.  I took the first step.  Instead of dealing with all the depression details in this post, I'm just going to end it here and go watch the rest of Joyce Meyer.

If you are/have been depressed, what has helped you the most when it comes to dealing with it?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Better Than BK Mocha Joe Iced Coffee"

Iced Coffee... De.lic.ious.

My top three favs would be:

  1. BK Mocha Joe Iced Coffee
  2. Starbucks Frappuccinno
  3. DQ Moolatte
But, who can afford $2.00+ a pop?  Not I.   

So I researched and researched.

Then I tested and tested.

Finally I came up with a recipe.  My taste-testers have said "It's better than a BK Mocha Joe" and so that is what I decided to call it. :^)

**My works here at "The RIpples Blog" are copyrighted.  This is my original recipe, and is copyright protected!**

Better Than BK Mocha Joe Iced Coffee  (Single Serving)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Syrup
Ice Cubes

Brew a STRONG pot of coffee (suggestion 1/4 C coffee grounds to a full pot of water).  

While the coffee is brewing, scoop 5 scoops of vanilla ice cream into a pourable microwave safe container.  Microwave the ice cream for 12 seconds.  Stir the ice cream.  Microwave 12 more seconds.  Stir.  Continue this process until the ice cream is smooth and soft.  Pour into a large drinking glass.

Take 3/4 C (6oz) of the strong brewed coffee, and add to it 1/4 C (2oz) of Chocolate Syrup.  Stir.

Pour the combined 1 C of chocolate/coffee mixture over the soft ice cream.  Stir.  Add ice cubes.  Enjoy.


Friday, December 5, 2008

About the Author and This Blog

The word "ripple" has quite a few definitions.  I took the most fitting of those, and turned it into this blog's description.
The Ripples Blog:
  • A spreading, pervasive, and usually unintentional effect or influence in the blog-o-sphere.
  • A usually slight noticeable effect or reaction. (Towards or from the author.)
  • A place to become lightly ruffled or covered with small waves.
  • A blog that has or produces a ripple effect: spread.

Please notice the ripples in the background, and flowing out from the blog. Each time you see these, it is my hearts desire to have this effect on you, the reader.  

WARNING:  If you are wanting to follow a 'perfect' Christian... keep on keepin' on.  You're not going to find it here!  ( I  don't claim superiority or perfectionism in my life or walk with my Savior, Jesus Christ.)  The Ripples Blog is my forum to speak openly, and honestly. 

I hope you will join me as I begin this new venture!  Follow my blog, sign up for the feed or to receive it via email.  No matter your preference of coming along, I do hope you will!